Any way to MASS CHANGE accounts?

Hello InterWorx!

We love the control panel so far and are very excited about the move, everything seems to be better or MUCH better then cPanel.

The only big feature I cannot seem to locate is the ability to go to SiteWorx account listing and select multiple account and mass edit aka:

There should definitely be the ability to do this and maybe I am missing this, we just changed the language and have over 20 users now it takes time to manually edit each account. Thanks again and much appreciated.

PS. Can someone please update my username to “AnthonyCL” for some reason it messed up on creation, my name is Anthony not Anthnony… whats that nonsense? :stuck_out_tongue:

The best existing way to do it is using the API.

Another way, but with more risk, is editing the InterWorx internal database and just modifying the user tables manually. If you go to Server -> Settings in the NodeWorx menu, you can enable “debug”. This will add the InterWorx db to the list of options in phpMyAdmin when accessed from NodeWorx.

[SIZE=3]BIG WARNING: BE CAREFUL. If this gets messed up, we’ll be cranky, and you’ll be sad[/SIZE] :).

Once you’re in phpMyAdmin, you can just change the value of the “language” column to be the country code for the language you want. It’s the nodeworx_users table and the siteworx_users table in the iworx database. The value is the country code - en-us, fr, etc.

If you want to go the database route, we’d be glad to do that for you if you open a support ticket for it. You’re welcome to do it yourself, but just understand that you’re accepting some risk of big problems if the other tables get changed, or if something goes wrong.

I can certainly handle this myself, but this feature is very important and I can only anticipate that add-on done very very soon. It is kind of a draw back to the features offered in similar features, and currently the only one I am disappointing (the only disappointment) with as we have had to go through each account twice now to change each setting (language and IP).I just cant stress enough how important this feature is for current users, future users, and myself.

Much Appreciated Again, let me know when its done :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile: