Anyone running Dovecot?

I was wondering if anyone has tried switching out Courier for Dovecot on IW? My company really needs to implement sieve and Courier just doesn’t support this feature. This just adds to my strong dislike of Courier. WHM/cPanel allows admins to easily choose between Dovecot or Courier and Postfix or Qmail. I really wish IW would allow the admin(s) to choose which mail server and IMAP server best suits their needs.

I am beginning to think its time to revert back to WHM/cPanel but before I go that far I wanted to see if anyone has tried switching to Dovecot?

I’d also be interested if anyone has successfully done this without breaking anything.

I am also very interested in this and might try it on a non-production server soon. Courier bogs down in so many ways that I’ve been reading Dovecot handles very well. I’ve read an invisible transition for the users is possible. And since InterWorx appears to tie it all together with qmail, then a Dovecot setup configured for qmail and Maildir might allow InterWorx to provide all of the mailbox management out of the box. The benefits of a Dovecot full text index would be available, too.

Hi jimp

I have not looked into dovecote myself, but a thought came to mind.

You may want to ask IW, and between you, see if it works

If it does, then IW might want to add it to IW-CP so users have choice

Kudos to you though, for locating a possible solution for those who would like to use dovecote.

Many thanks


For my company we deployed IW to ease running an email server. However Postfix is far better than Qmail and Dovecot is far better than Courier.

Thus not long after this thread was started we went with Iredmail for around a year. Then last year I manually setup the email server from just the cli. I also added DKIM so all mail is signed with DKIM keys.

Good luck IW community.