Apache : Graceful restart requested, doing restart


Since the Centos 4.4 is installed (auto updated) I have in my httpd error_log a lot of

Graceful restart requested, doing restart 

I have also noticed that a lot of segmentation fault. There was no httpd segfault before this update

Do you know what could send a Gracefull restart to httpd ?

Is some of you have also noticed this ?


yes my server has upgraded to Centos 4.4
not got the restart problem, just a few Segmentation faults but i had a few prior to this update.
[notice] child pid 22804 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

The main thing i notice is this error and quite a few, anyone no whats possible cause ?

PHP: Error parsing /usr/local/Zend/etc/php.ini on line 250



I see you are running MySQL 5. Since CentOS comes with MySQL 4 it appears you or someone else upgraded it. When you upgraded MySQL did you recompile php against that version?

oops just checked thats incorrect i am running 4.1.20 was looking at my other server which is mysql 5 sorry

Thank you for your reply

Found one of my problems i think, zend does not apear to be working.
zend 1.3 does not run on centos 4.4

how do i upgrade to latest ?? is it easy to do.

thank you

As easy as initial installation, go to zend.com, log in and download the most current Zend Optimizer, decompress it and then run make and them make install and that ought to do it.

will sort that
Thanks for your replys appreciated.

Just an update, sorted my errors

[notice] child pid 22804 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
PHP: Error parsing /usr/local/Zend/etc/php.ini on line 250

error in the php.ini file, noticed (8MB) was on a new line and should have been part of the info statment as it was not commented out was causing errors.
corrected and all ok.
Funny though i have not touched that file, never mind.