"Apache Server Options" Suggested Values?

Hey guys,

What do you think is the best configuration for the [SIZE=2]"[/SIZE]Apache Server Options" in NodeWorx?

My box has this:

  • 1GB RAM
  • 1.7GHz Intel P4
  • 100MB/s Connection[/LIST]Thanks, Mark
  • Its more complicated than that :slight_smile: The more Apache modules you have loaded, the larger the memory footprint of Apache will be. If you go nuts an enable everything under the sun you’ll have to run with slightly fewer instances.

    Then, you have to consider what you are running. Static pages are only going to require Apache, so you are good there. CGI, depending on if you use FastCGI or not, can potentially be big drain on resources. Then there is the possible addition of supporting services, such as MySQL.

    For now, you may want to just stay with teh defaults and adjust as needed :slight_smile: Perhaps if you give us some info about what you are serving up we can help you with the math and subjective stuff :slight_smile: