APF Firewall adding ip block ?

If I want to add an ip block to APF how can I achieve this, tried adding (ip example) but does not except this in nodeworx firewall - blocked ip option
only single ips allowed

thank you

Hi Bear
Please could I ask what IW-CP version and Centos your using
I have just tried this on latest IW using Centos 6, and it works lovely
You add CIdr as follows:
see pic as well, but I’m sure you are adding correctly, so will power up centos 7 test server later when back
Many thanks

working ok now, not sure why it was not adding yesterday.
centos 6.8 latest and latest interworx
sorry to waste your time and thank you for a prompt reply.

Hi bear

Many thanks and glad it’s working

Just powered up a centos 7 test server and all looks to be working as well, so all good

Glad you took the time to post though as it can help others

Many thanks