API : Create an account with few domains, a reseller, update : ModernBill integration


As now it’s possible to create few domains for one account I wonder if it is possible to do this using the API

Indeed in modernBill 5.1.x it is now possible to provision multiple domains at the same time. They changed the CPANEL module for this but nothing about the Interworx module

We could custom the interworx module but we first need to know if your API allow this :wink: (it’s look like modernbill use an old api not the v2 one)

Also is it possible to create a reseler through the API ?

And how to set a dedicated IP to an account with the API and modernbill ?

Does another billing software than modernbill allow to do these kinds of things with an Interworx panel ?

Maybe I’m wrong but it’s look like all billing softwares you talk about are not using ALL the last Interworx features ? right ? so which one is the most up to date ?

Finaly, I read that you planed for update the API to allow to “update” an account, is it now possible ? (we can create/suspend/unsuspend/delete but can’t update a package ???)

Thanks by advance

Interworx staff could you please :wink:

Hi Paul,

The API does allow you to use a shared or dedicated (api module may call it static) IP address.

Other than that, no, the API functionality is current limited to just a few functions (primarily add/delete/suspend/unsuspend). Update is not available, adding secondary domains is not available, adding a reseller is not available. We’re working on adding all this functionality to the API for a future release.


Arfff Thanks Paul :slight_smile:

Do you have the interworx source code of the interworx’s ModernBill module ?
We’d like to change things that are available in your API v2.0 format

Also did you see this message http://www.interworx.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2681 ?

I don’t want to cross post, but I really have a problem here.

Your help would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Does the interworx module in MB use the client API 2.0 ?

Is there other doc about the new API 2.0 ?

How could we upgrade the MB interworx module to add new 2.0 API features ?