API developer


Would someone be interested in doing some simple interworx api work for us?



I’ll drop you a PM with my email address on :slight_smile:



I have sent PM as well as email but yet have heard back from you.


Hi John

Replied to your email earlier today :confused:

Not in the office at the moment so cant resend it, but will do in the morning.

Hopefully it will reach you!


Anyone else interested in doing some Interworx API work for us?

Appears EverythingWeb is too busy.


I got looking into this and what I need is a some plugins.

Anybody interested in doing some php work?

I think my request is quite simple, to be able to trigger perl scripts from node/siteworx. My perl scripts do the heavy lifting. Unfortunately we don’t know PHP and need at least 1 example triggering bash/perl script then we can do the rest.

Is it even possible? Anyone?


Hi Kipper,

Send a PM my way and we’ll see about the easiest way to implement what you need.