API's Lack of Unit Reported -- Causing Issues in WHMCS

I’ve been having an ongoing problem with WHMCS and Interworx. It seems that because the Interworx API does not report back the units of a query, it is causing WHMCS (and I’m sure other billing systems) to improperly report, for example, bandwidth usage. Here’s the response from the folks at WHMCS:

Unfortunately it seems this is a limitation of the InterWorx API as they don’t supply any units with the data returned. This is the data that comes back for the domain in question:

[32] => Array
[id] => 46
[domain] => <masked>.com
[bandwidth_used] => 26.24
[bandwidth] => 50
[storage_used] => 4.16
[storage] => 3000

As you can see no indication of units, and one is in GB and the other in MB but no way WHMCS could know that, so [there] doesn’t seem to be a solution.

Can you guys implement/suggest a fix/workaround for this?

Well this is a sticky situation. The storage data reported by this action will always be in MB, and the bandwidth data will always be in GB - but it probably wouldn’t be prudent at this point to just change the output of the API command be “26.24 GB” - if an API author was using that value as a number, the “GB” might break their implementation. Perhaps we should do a poll of our known billing system integrators and see if they’re using these values for anything more than display purposes right now, and at least prepare them for a possible change.