Asking for NameServers for all resellers

Why do all new resellers added to the system get asked to type in new nameservers?

Note: You must setup a primary and secondary DNS server before proceeding. InterWorx-CP will not function correctly without these 2 values.

Because each NodeWorx user (master and reseller) can have individual nameservers.

We offer (primarily) Reseller Hosting, and Private Nameservers are an included feature. The NS Records as entered on that first screen, will determine how the DNS Zone records are configured when domains are added to the server.

If it is causing distress to Resellers, I would suggest when creating a reseller account, you manually go in yourself and add the Nameservers,otherwise supply it in their welcoming email (like we do) :slight_smile:

Ahh ok, thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile:


We also provide Reseler Hosting, but we didn^t yet the best way to manage private Nameservers. Basicly it means create a new siteworx account for the name server on a dedicated Ip, tregister this ip then start tinydns on this IP. This basicly mean you need a lot of IP. So we’v created a generic nameserver like name-serveurs.tld

Could you please share with us how you manage this ?


What we have done so far, is to have two IP’s such as: & which have the tinydns service running on them.

Then we assit customers with registering NS1.THEIRDOMAIN.NET and NS2.THEIRDOMAIN.NET to our IP addresses. Seems to work pretty well.

Their SiteWorx accounts domains have their NS records in the DNS Zone Records, and DNS Report doesn’t show any errors.

Works a charm. If we are the registra for their domain, we (or they) can register NameServers right from their billing control panel :slight_smile:


It’s also what we’ve done BUT :
Is your and are dedicated IP ?

Do you mean that all NS1.CUSTDNS.TLD and NS2 (all you customers’ nameservers) are registered to these IP.

If not it’s mean you must have 2 dedicated IP per reseler DNS server (it’s what we do)


Hi Pascal,

We have the tinydns service running on all IP’s which we use. We dont have to have dedicated IP’s for each resellers NameServer, we just register the nameservers, such as to our NS IP 1.

Okay, example in our config:

We name our servers, and our convention runs like this: each server has a domain registered to it, in the format:, for example We then register and to our first two IP’s on the box. Any resellers would then register NS1.THEIRDOMAIN.COM to our first IP and NS2.THEIRDOMAIN.COM to our Second NS IP (the same IP’s as we use for our own ns1/ns2).

I have just checked our config on the above server, and those two IP’s are dedicated, but that is only because we are using SSL Certificates on both IP’s. On the next box we bring online, I will check with using Shared-IP’s for the NS’s, but I don’t see it posing a problem as the tinydns service can run on any number of the boxs’ IP addresses :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Thanks a ton for this full detailed explanation.

Ok cool if it works. I was afraid to have few and different named NS server on the same shared IP. Basicly it means that : —> —> —> —>

Very pleased to know it works. Like this we’ll be able to create all our reseler’s dns server on the same IPs. Great.

The difference is that we have only one dns server on one box. The others box sync their dns data to the main dns box. Like this ALL our clients, hosted on every server we have, use the same dns server.

One time again thanks a ton for these news


Hi Pascal,

Take a look at:

This is our ‘main’ server domain/DNS report.

This is one of our resellers. As you will see, they both use the same IP addresses bu different NameServr hostnames :smiley:

Seems to work a charm…