Auto Responder Confusion?

Hello all

Need a little advice

I am trying to setup a vacation message/Auto Responder to our incoming messages but I can’t see a way of doing it!

I have tried to add a auto responder but it tells me the email already exists. I have an existing email account that I want to add the responder too but it won’t let me.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you


If I understand what you want to do it’s something like if someone sends an email to you want to send them an auto notification back that you got the message and someone will reply shortly.

If this is what you want, the solution is simple. Edit the email box in SiteWorx and add a vacation message and turn it on.

If this isn’t what you want can you be more specific?

Thats great Tim, thank you very much.

One more question, is it possible to use HTML in the vacation message? I have tried but it won’t let me!

Thank you


At this time this is not available. Many people don’t use clients which support html mail, or if they do they have it turned off because it takes longer to load. It’s often considered bad netequitte to send html email to users who have not specifically asked for it.

If you’re just want to be able to put in clickable links most mail clients will make a URL clickable if you add the http:// on the beginning.