Auto-update scripts.

I’d like to see whenever a new version of a script comes up for Nodeworx to update its sources and include the new files or even auto-update the existing ones. I know the second option does not seem easy, but imagine having 50 phphh forums and a new version coming out and you having to replace all the new files on all the boards.! I suppose there could be some sort of “script repository” from where Nodeworx could automatically update it’s scripts with the most recent versions. Any luck with this one?

There is some good news and some bad news here: :slight_smile:

The bad news is that scriptworx will not update any scripts that have already been installed via scriptworx.

The GOOD news is that ScriptWorx will be able to automatically update which version of a given script is installed by scriptworx, so that any new installations of that script via ScriptWorx will be the new version.

We have a system in place (to be released with the next release, of course) that is very similar to what you describe- a central repository that is checked for updates daily by the InterWorx-CP/ScriptWorx. This will allow us to easily push out updated ScriptWorx modules and reduce “version lag”.


That’s my VERY efficient Interworx guys at work! I ask for a feature and it’s already implemented!!! that’s one of the MANY reasons I’m with you chaps! Keep up with the good work!