Auto Updates Question

I was wondering what the Auto Updates feature actually updates? I am on a Cento OS 3.5 with Virtuozzo and don’t want to accidently upgrade the OS and make it incompatible with Virtuozzo. I also don’t want to be too far behind though for security reasons. I have all Auto Updates on in Iworx (but in 3 weeks it has not updated anything). I also have Yum set to update at every night automatically with kernel and glibc excluded, “clear updates” function, and emailing me a list every morning.

Are these settings safe? Are your OS updates Kernel only, and are they safe with Virtuozzo? Should I change anything before I have a problem?

Thanks in advance,


Having iworx-cp run yum update once a day with kernel and glibc excluded should be fine. The updates that iworx-cp does is simply a “yum update” using the /etc/yum.conf as the conf file so there’s no magic there :slight_smile: