automated abuse email setup


I’m not too sure if this already exists, but if it does not, it would be nice to have the abuse@ email automatically setup in the same way postmaster@ is.

I usually set abuse@ as an alias to postmaster@

abuse@ is also a requirement of RFC2142 Section 2 for mailservers.

If this is currently available, please accept my apologies but it just doesn’t seem to setup automatically for me.

Many thanks


This could probaly be made with the EventHook plugin.

Hi Evanion

Yes, it may be possible to achieve the abuse@ automated setup by eventhook, but I personally think it would be more suitable if it was part of interworx directly as postmaster@ is for self creation when siteworx account is created.

This overcomes 2 issues which are apparent to myself, firstly it conforms to rfc for email (with no user intervention or eventhook) and secondly, not everyone who uses interworx, or its underlying OS or even qmail may understand how to code the eventhook to work properly, myself included.

Also, if it were part of interworx creation as postmaster@ is, any upgrades or new releases would work and not break any eventhook which may have been written and in use (I stress may as it may not as well).

I hope you understand what I’m trying to express and I thank you for work around, it is appreciated.

Many thanks


yea, there are a lot of smaller features that we all want in the plattform…

Have you checked the new user template? there might be something there that controls the email setup for new users (we atleast have for html directory and DNS). It will require you to do some digging though.