Automatic Update broke Interworx


since last night our interworx CP isn’t working anymore and shows the following error messages when being accessed:

[B]FILE: /usr/local/interworx/include/Env/Abstract.php
[B]LINE: 618

Uncaught IWorx_Exception_NotLoggedIn: Authentication Error (NodeWorx)

#0 /usr/local/interworx/include/Env/Abstract.php(603): Env_Abstract->_checkSession('NodeWorx')
#1 /usr/local/interworx/include/IW.php(274): Env_Abstract->getNodeWorxSession()
#2 /usr/local/interworx/include/View/Smarty/Nodeworx.php(45): IW::NW()
#3 /usr/local/interworx/include/Env/HTML.php(209): View_Smarty_Nodeworx->__construct('index')
#4 /usr/local/interworx/include/Ctrl/Abstract.php(65): Env_HTML->initView()
#5 /usr/local/interworx/include/Ctrl/Nodeworx/Abstract.php(45): Ctrl_Abstract->__construct()
#6 /usr/local/interworx/include/Ctrl/Nodeworx/Error.php(43): Ctrl_Nodeworx_Abstract->__construct()
#7 [internal function]: Ctrl_Nodeworx_Error->__construct()
#8 /usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php(345): ReflectionClass->newInstance()
#9 /usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php(147): FrontController->_invokeAction('Ctrl_Nodeworx_E...', 'unknownError', 'Syntax error in...')
#10 /usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php(252): FrontController->_route('Ctrl_Nodeworx_E...', 'unknownError', 'Syntax error in...')
#11 /usr/local/interworx/include/FrontController.php(123): FrontController->_handleUnknown(Object(SmartyCompilerException))
#12 /usr/local/interworx/html/index.php(37): FrontController->route('Ctrl_Nodeworx_I...', 'index')
#13 {main}

Since we didn’t change anything at night it seems that automatic updates crashed everything.

I already wrote to the helpdesk but I often it takes very long until someone responds and since this problem could affect multiple Interworx-Users I decided to post this here too.

Kind regards,

Alexander Rusa

Hi Arusa
Many thanks
Please be aware IW do not offer 24 hour support, but if you marked the ticket as urgent (highest importance), it is usually looked at very quickly, even outside of USA office time
What version of IW are you on
what is your distro
have you tried ssh into server, run as root or sudo service iworx restart
Many thanks

Hi arusa

Sorry, I think it’s a smarty issue, and your probably running Iw stable updating.

Please have a look at this thread, which due to the latest smarty upgrade, some themes (particularly custom themes) need to be changed to reflect the newer smarty version

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Interworx Smarty update

Hi arusa
Please see IW-Jenna post from the smarty thread to save you time looking, but I am believe this is your issue
Many thanks

Are you running a custom theme? If so, there is a known issue from the update where, since we updated Smarty to 3.1, custom themes have been affected. You should be able to resolve this by editing the ~iworx/iworx.ini file to change the theme from your custom to heliotrope for the default NodeWorx and SiteWorx template:


Hi John,

thanks a lot, that solved the problem. Now I just have to find out what to change in our custom theme (which was a copy of the heliotrope theme with minor changes).

Best regards,

Hi arusa

Glad it’s resolved.

You may want to let IW support know it’s resolved

Also, I would advice on this occasion to upgrade IW to v6.0.4 to cover some additional bugs

To get 6.0.4, you need to change to release candidate, install and set back to stable

Then I would look to change your tpl for custom, using heliotrope as a guide (6.0.4 covers some smarty code changes to theme)

I hope that helps

Many thanks


FYI, we just encountered this issue. On the chance you want to still use your custom theme ;-), we found that the index.tpl file from heliotrope that we had been using in our custom theme was missing some quotes that smarty apparently decided it really needed in lines 17 and 39 – the include lines for header.tpl and footer.tpl, respectively. So {include file=header.tpl} should be {include file=“header.tpl”}, and same with the one for footer.tpl. This fixed the custom theme for both nodeworx and siteworx. Cheers.

Hi Bertie

Many thanks

Are you running IW 6.0.4 or later

This was highlighted when smarty was upgraded and corrected on IW themes.

The dns should still be working lovely

If you are on 6.0.4 or later, have a look at heliotrope theme to see correction for this

As a test, you could set 1 siteworx theme to heliotrope and test, which should no longer appear to show issue

Many thanks