Automatically Create an Email Address Using Event Hooks

# First, ensure the InterWorx CLI is installed via 'yum install interworx-cli'
# Install this script at /usr/local/bin/

if [[ "$iw_master_domain" == "" ]]; then
  exit 1

export IWORX_UNIXUSER=root

~iworx/bin/siteworx.pex -u --login_domain $iw_master_domain -n -c EmailBox -a add --username abuse --password $iw_password --confirm_password $iw_password

# Enable the Event Hooks plugin in NodeWorx.
# Add the following line to your InterWorx Event Hook Configuration:
   Ctrl_Nodeworx_Siteworx add /usr/local/bin/
# Ensure that both this file *and* the Event Hook config are both readable
# and executable by the iworx user:
#     chmod 0770 /usr/local/bin/
#     chown iworx /usr/local/bin/

For more information on installing Event Hooks, go here:

Hi Jenna

Many thanks, looks good but please confirm this does not replace the email address auto setup defined from nodeworx.

Also, if it does not, looking at the code, it should be easy to change to auto setup an alias email address for new siteworx account, which is the missing feature a few users wanted.

Many thanks


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