Avoiding Siteworx name collisions for domains that look alike (but aren't)

Scenario: A pair of domains are named alike except for their TLDs, e.g, example.COM and example.NET. One is an existing Siteworx account that’s empty. The other account is being restored from a backup – preferably along-side the first one (home/site1 & home/site2).

The problem is that user/home naming is identical. When the backup is restored it ends up keeping original user/home names which are identical to the existing account. Instead of giving the account a unique name, Nodeworx restores the new account with its original name in a deeper directory than normal. This means more work for absolute paths in scripts and whatever else.

Instead of renaming the first account and moving the newly restored account, I figure I can just delete the first one, restore the second, and re-create the first account. Is this a clean way of doing it?

That sounds like a reasonable plan sysnop. However, when the username of an account being imported collides with an existing user on the system, it should choose a new name for the user being imported, rather than put it “deeper” in the initial username directory - if it’s not doing that, there’s a problem.


I don’t think there’s a problem with how Nodeworx restored this account. User error is more like it.

I was going to try to duplicate the problem for you when it dawned on me why Nodeworx restored the account the way it did. I forgot that I manually created the account first and user/home was named appropriately. Then I restored the account’s backup archive. I was prompted about over-writing the account and went with it. But it didn’t really over-write it, it placed the files beneath the user/home I manually created, and it’s now obvious to me why Nodeworx did that. I simply need to start out empty and let the restore process create the account from scratch. Sound about right?

Yep, that sounds right.

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