AWSTATS error for March 31, 2006

I customer pointed this out to me, that when click on March 31, 2006 on the Calendar for AWStats in the Siteworx control panel April 1, 2006 stats sho up and the stats for March 31 or not correct.

I check several of the other sites on the same server and this seems to be the case. I also checked my other IW server and the same thing is happening. Seems to be a bug with either AWStats or the IW Sitewoorx control panel.

Maybe this should be in Bug Forum?

I am very supprised no one else has had this problem or hasnt loed at this issue on their own servers. there does seem to be an issue with the March 31, 2006 AWStats on IW Control panel. Click on STATS in SiteWorx and then click on AWStats, click on the March calendar and date of 31 of March, that date shows April 1 2006 stats and when you do look at the March 31 stats in AWStats they are way different. than the rest cas in point asite that day i and day out gets 300 to 600 visits a day suddenly oly shows 30 visits for March 31 and the normal 300 to 600 picks up on April 1. That isnt right, other sites show the same.

I think you had a ticket open fo this too right r-n-r. We’ll be checking it out shortly.


Chris, yes I did, just wondering if anyone else had this same thing happen since it happened on both of my servers.

No problem r-n-r, I’m curious myself, so please post if you’ve seen this before folks.


This problem was resolved via support ticket. In essense, the problem was a quirk (or bug, still researching this possibility) in AWStats.