awstats - exclude ip address?

How can I exclude my own ip address from being logged in awstats via interworx?
I can’t seem to find the .conf file that would be generated if I wasn’t running the interworx version. :confused: I know how to exclude my ip if I knew where the conf file was. :wink:
Where does interworx store the .conf file for each domain/account that’s hosted in siteworx?


[root@iworx ~]# locate awstats.conf
[root@iworx ~]#

That’s the main config file. I don’t believe we have separate confg files for accounts.

Thanks Tim, I’ll add the exclusion into the main config file and see how it works after a few weeks.

NP, Craig. :slight_smile:

And FYI we take a very hands off approach to these things and in almost all cases the config files are the default names and in the default locations.