Awstats not updating ?

Awstats is not working on all siteworx accounts for the last 10 days, all other stats are working fine.

Can i update these manually to bring them up to date, what possible cause to look for why there not updating.
can the cron be accessed for awstats to change the time when it updates.

Thank you

Fixed awstats, noticed icon images where not appearing and found permissions appeared to be wrong.
will know on the next update if fixed

Can they be updated manually though ?

Looks like awstats tried to update, when accessing stats from siteworx to view stats.
when clicking the recent update i get

sh: /var/www/awstats/ Permission denied

can some one confirm permitions for awstats directory and files, i have them set
root:root and 0755 all directorys and files.

How can i manually update the stats so there are no missing days ?


awstats working now just need to fill in the missing days, is this possible or not ?