Backup... And one more post :-p


Ha ha ha, I know I know there is a lot of posts here which talk about backups :slight_smile:

But I have changed my backup schem on one of our old box (one with interworx in /home) and as I preparing the coming of the new iworx backup.php I’d like to do rsync backup then an iworx structure only backup

Here is what I backup. If you’d confirm I don’t forget something

You have to know this backup is more to be used in case of migration or complete crash and reinstall. It supposes we have resintalled the os and interworx (and all others packages). So we just have to restore few files/dir

In fact we use rsnapshot which allow rsync backups at few intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) with a rotate schem

So we rsync

script /usr/local/bin/ iworx_db/
script /usr/local/bin/ users_db/

The 2 lines script are in fact scripts with mysqldump of iworx and or users DB. We also backup /root because we have some wanted files, same for RPMS and SRPMS as we have our RPM/SRPM of few home made script/package

Do you think I have forget something ?

As in this iworx vesrion interworx and vpopmail are in /home we should also have mails of users. Not sure if we have to rsync /var/qmail and/or /var/djbnddns as we do a reinstall of interworx before executing the restore of these files.

Thanks for your comments and sorry to post again something about Backup :wink:
It’s just that I prefere to have a fiveth (not sure it is written like this) check than one



We are thinking to do the same thing. This looks like a complete list, but I’d like to see what others say. I can’t wait to create the new backup with Rsync and Iworx-Structure, much more complete method.

Actually those are just symlinks with recent installs. They are in /usr/local and /var now.

Yes Tim

But with the new install I’ll have to Rsync home (it will create the symlink of interworx and vpopmail) then also rsync /usr/local/interworx and /var/vpopmail


But you right to mention here for all others where are the new interworx and vpopmail location