backup and restores

Hey all, I finally got ownCloud to work for a test user using mysql. If I make a backup of this user, can I restore it to other users if the need arise?

I only ask because I had to switch MySQL to use the new password, and would prefer not to have to restart my database engine every time it happened.



Hi katronix

I’m sorry, I am not sure what you mean by owncloud. I know what owncloud is here in terms of nas but you may mean something else.

I would think you would not be able to restore to another siteworx account, as the permission would be wrong.

Just my thoughts and could be wrong sorry

Many thanks


Hi John,

OwnCloud ( Is basically an private version of say DropBox or something similar. A few different hosting companies offer it as their main product, I was thinking of doing the same.

However, having to restart MySQL to install it would get problematic I would think, if anyone else was trying to use IW at the same time.