Backup Contents & Reported Storage on SiteWorx

I am new to Interworx so I apologise if I have simply overlooked information available elsewhere.

I have a question about the filesystem space usage (Storage) being reported on the SiteWorx Accounts page and how this relates to the ‘FULL’ backups (after they have been uncompressed and extracted.

The contents of the backup files I have examined are (at least when I uncompress them on my Apple Mac) considerably smaller than the reported amount of storage consumed by each user account in SiteWorx.

Put another way, in Nodeworx (under SiteWorx) I am able to view the amount of storage space consumed by each Siteworx account. However when I uncompress a ‘Full’ backup file of at Siteworx user account on a remote system (my Mac), it falls considerably short of this figure. This is the same for any Siteworx account.

My understanding is that the reverse should be more likely on the basis that the MySQL database size is not included in the reported space consumed (at least I believe that to be the case from what I have read). So why is the size of my backup contents much less than the storage consumed reported in Nodeworx?

I am concerned that my full backups are not as ‘full’ as they should be even though they do appear to be complete and I can find nothing obviously wrong with them.

Any ideas or an explanation would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks.

Hi jabyuk,


Without concrete numbers to look at it’s hard to say for sure, but one reason might be that the backups don’t contain other backups, or themeselves (for obvious reasons). Backup files themselves are counted towards the quota (if they’re stored in the default backup location).


If the backup files (logically) do not contain backup files then it could well be that the existence of multiple backups being held on the server is making the difference. It would certainly explain why the reported Storage consumed on the server is significantly greater than the contents of an extracted backup on a different system. When I get a bit more time I will examine this more closely. However, for the moment, it reassures me that the backups are working as they should.

Thanks for your comments.