Backup Email


Our ‘main’ server administrator login for Nodeworx is our support email address, support’@', however for resellers this means that the emails clients receive from Interworx come from:

Nodeworx Server Manager [support’@']

which resellers find just slightly annoying the fact that their clients get emails from us (when we are creating a transparency for them).

Is there any recomendations or file that can be editted so that the email sent on succesful backup does not include our address and either, a fixed email, not dependant on the nodeworx login, or more preferably, from the email address of the reseller account whose account the backup being performed on, lies under?

Look forward to our thoughts &/or comments.



While I don’t have any resellers yet, this definately sounds like something I’d be concerned about.

Sorry guys, we completely missed this post.

Currently, in 2.1.1, there isn’t a way to change the current behavior (emails being sent from the NodeWorx admin email). However, we have looked into the problem and it’s on our todo list for a future release.


Thanks for the reply Socheat, it is welcomed. :slight_smile: