Backup HOWTO.

Hi to all,

I`m read and understand:

Can anyone explain me one thing, if i whant backup sites for one user at server, can i user such as --user <username> or how i can do this?

I found “–reseller-id” option, but not sure if this help me…

Guys, please help.


Hi Romka,

There are multiple things a “user” could mean here - can you clarify what kind of user you’re talking about here?



For example my passwd file:

#cat /etc/passwd

user001 have and
user002 have and
For example,

I need do backup for user “user001” for backup all his data for and I no need backup all users… i need only one…


You can do this using the --domains parameter. As long as you specify the master domain for the SiteWorx account, the backup generated will contain all the secondary domains under that account as well.



Lets try today…

Tnx Paul…

Hi Paul,

Thank you, Its work!!! :slight_smile:

Also i have one more question about backup procedure, how i can fast look how many space each user use…
I try do “cd /home; du -sh *” but this process take large time (25-30 min (~300GB) maybe iworx have file with curent space usage for each customer? or maybe have this information in sql ?


Seems i found solution,

Usage: listaccounts.php [ --domain --email --header --ip-address --nickname --reseller --reseller-email --reseller-id --reseller-name --status --storage --username]
--domain            Show domain
--email             Show account email address
--header            Show table header
--ip-address        Show IP address for account
--nickname          Show account nickname
--reseller=<value>  Show only accounts for this reseller
--reseller-email    Show reseller email address
--reseller-id       Show account reseller-id
--reseller-name     Show account reseller
--status            Show account status
--storage           Show account storage usage
--username          Show 8-char username


Thank you.