Backup / Import does not preserve FTP user directories

I just transferred a large FTP hosting customer to a new server as a structure-only backup. All of their FTP users were transferred successfully, but the home folder settings were discarded. Why? Is it because the target folders were not transferred (via rsync), yet? Any help would be very appreciated!

Yep, that’s it - the target folders must exist to create the accounts.

How can I have them preexisting, though? I find that if the destination folder already exists, my SiteWorx structure-only backup refuses to import. If I “force” the import, my destination home folder is deleted first. I don’t see any way I can rsync the folders before importing the account. Am I doing something wrong?


If you submit a ticket with us, we can patch your server so you will be able to import with the directories in place.

You can’t, which is a bug. Sorry about that. We took a look at the importer code and decided it was being a bit overzealous in its validation procedures.

We’ve fixed this for the next release, but if you open a support ticket, we can patch your system now since this is a blocking issue for you.


Just confirming that this fix will be included in the upcoming 4.7 release, just a couple days away now.


Dan, Tim, and Paul,

I just wanted to say thanks for fixing this and offering to patch the issue sooner. I didn’t get back to you before, but the fix worked once I got around to transferring more accounts. Thank you!