backup large websites


I’ve some problem with backup of 2 websites on my Interworx Server - one has ~ 10 GB of Data, the other one little bit more than 6 GB (and growing). In addition i should move a Website to that Server with 50 GB (and growing).

The problem is, during Interworx backup the server load goes up to 10 and more so all websites are more or less unresponsive during the backup process.

Is there any way to adapt the standard Interworx backup (e.g. set “nice” parameter)? On the old Server (not Interworx) i used RSYNC without tgz before and didn’t face that issue.

Server is ML310e Gen8 with E3-1220v2 CPU and 12 GB RAM (2 Cores assigned to that VPS Interworx Server).

Hi thomas

We faced same issues, but one of our clients website was over 160gb large.

We now use r1soft/idera for our backups and it resolved this in full. We were going to use bacula4host, but the cost of idera came down a lot.

I hope that helps

Many thanks