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Hi All,

We have one dedicated DNS box, which we use for our interworx cluster. We used the following howto’s to make this possible:

We are about to move our secondary DNS from our cluster to a new dedicated DNS box.

Because these two boxes are practicaly not doing anything we would also like to use them also as Backup MX, so that when our cluster is offline, these servers will take care of the emails that are sended to our customers. The backup MX should send all the mail to the cluster as soon as our cluster is back online.

The things that should be done (well, that’s what we are thinking, correct it if we are wrong):

1: Each domain on the cluster should get a MX 20 and 30 Record for each of our backup MX servers. Also new domains should get this… so a script should take care of this when we add a account.

2: We have to setup and configure the mailservers as backup mailserver for each domain zone on the DNS servers, which are using the DNS from the two above howto’s

So, can anybody help us with pointing out what we should do? Or where we can find howto’s etc.



I also need an MX Backup

Surely with all the mail features that interworx has we can use it as an MX Backup facility? Will version 3 have this feature?

Appreciate if anyone who can shed any light on a MX Backup solution with interworx? Or even install a different app on the same server to do MX Backup?



Unfortunately at this time all custom dns info isn’t saved in the backup utility. I’m sure Socheat will add this at a future date but I don’t believe it’s in 3.0

MX and all other DNS records are stored in the InteWorx database so I don’t think another app would work.

Am I understanding what you are asking? Or are you asking about a way to use a second server to function as a mail server bacup?

Propably both :wink:

To do this all you should have to do is add additional MX records with values in the priority you want (The default is 10, then use 20, 30, etc.) and make sure the account exists on the other box with the same password.

MX Backup


You have mentioned how to modify the DNS records when you have an MX Backup facility to point to. My problem is i need the actual MX Backup facility that i want the Interworx box to provide. If we add the domain to Interworx it will just reject the mail saying there is no user. We want the mail to be stored on our server when the customer’s exchange server goes down and then the mail to be sent there when it is back online. Is this possible?


Hi Colin,

I just responded to your support ticket regarding this same issue.


backup mx

What was the solution to get this working? I’d also like to use the interworx server as a backup for our mail server.


Do you want mail to be checked on the server or just have it act as a relay until the main mail server comes back?

backup mx

Just to be a backup until the main server comes back up.

There’s two ways to make an InterWorx server a backup MX for a domain, depending on of the domain is also on the backup MX server.

If the domain does not exist on the to-be backup-MX InterWorx server:

  1. Add the additional MX record in DNS
  2. Add the domain to /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts on the backup-MX InterWorx server

If the domain does exist on the to-be backup MX server:

  1. Add the additional MX record in DNS
  2. Add the domain to /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts, if it’s not already there, on the backup-MX InterWorx server (it may also already be in /var/qmail/control/morercpthosts)
  3. Delete the domain from /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains
  4. Delete the domain from /var/qmail/users/assign
  5. Rebuild the users database with this command: /var/qmail/bin/qmail-newu
  6. Restart the smtp service with this command: svc -t /service/smtp