Backups not completing...

Any idea why a few accounts backups seem to start ok but get stuck with 'In Progress"??


Backups use your temp directory so you are probably running out of space. I suggest creating a /home/tmp folder. Then go into the /home/interworx/iworx.ini and change tmp="/tmp" to tmp="/home/tmp"

Thanks Justec, Sounds like that could be the case as the server hangs a few times a day.

In the iworx.ini should the changes be made in [dir] or [iworx.dir] ??

What should the permissions on /home/tmp be?

chmod 1777 /home/tmp ??

Thanks again for the reply!

ok a little searching and I went with [inworx.dir] tmp=/home/tmp - permissions set to 777

*as per Interworx backup documentation:
The temporary directory where the backup will be created before it is moved to the final location. If this option is omitted, the default path is set in the iworx.ini, under the [iworx.dir][tmp] setting.

Backups complete ok. I’m hoping this was the cause of the server crashing as well.

Thanks for your time Justec.

Cool, glad to hear you got everything working!