Bandwidth Speed Control

Lots of nice features in the new InterWorx, even though I could not see an FTP session as announced it would be possible to do.

Anyways on the VERY top of my feature wishlist is bandwidth speed control for SiteWorx accounts.

Several of my SiteWorx accounts has 500MB video files that users can download, and when that happens it slows everything down considerable.

I wish there was a feature so one could put a bandwidth throttle/speed limit on downloads/transfers so a few users would not hog every single transfer bit available.

Isn’t that something that can be done directly through Apache?

Though a setting in SiteWorx/NodeWorx wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Anyway it can be done, and I am VERY interested, so should you or anyone else happen to come upon information on this please reply here, thanks!

For Apache 1.3, yes there is something.

Too bad IWorx uses Apache 2.0 :slight_smile: