Be Aware!! Russian DDOS Hacker Ivan Ivanov of Khabarovsk

Since last week, Our website has been under DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service)attack by someone who goes by the name of Ivan Alekseevich Ivanov from Khabarovsk, Russia and he demanded $3,500 to stop the attack. We ignored him and decided to try Amazon Cloud Service.

Please beware of Russians!! I also searched the Internet for better ways to prevent DDOS ATTACK. All I got was ‘prevention is better than cure’. It said that DDOS happens because of vulnerable softwares/applications running on a machines in a particular network. If there is any good idea, please tell me here:)

First Name - Ivan Alekseevich
Last Name - Ivanov
country - Russia
City - Khabarovsk

Above is what we know about the hacker.

Thanks for the heads up.