Best Billing Panel

At our company we would like to start using a billing program where you can have some control over InterWorx. Now we make everything by hand and I’m getting a little bit annoid about it.

Which program does everybody use and maybe you can explain why.



Clientexec by far.

Does everything you need from billing software, and it’s organized in a way that is easy to navigate.

Their new server plug-in setup rocks! You should check it out.


Internally InterWorx and Nexcess use ModernBill. I’m, not sure what the reason was for it being chosen way back when, as I was not a staff member then, but it seems to work well for us.

As you can see on our site the following panels integrate with InterWorx’s API:

  • ModernBill
  • Clientexec
  • WhoisCart
  • AWBS (formerly DramsPLUS)
They all have equal functionality as far as Iworx is concerned, so it's really just personal prefference.

I’ve personally used DramsAWBS and MB. MB allows you to do prety much anything you want billing wise and integrates into any site you want and with several common support systems such as Kayaki eSuport (a deffinite plust for us). The drawback is that because it’s so powerfull it isn’t the easiest to configure (though they have some good docs on their site).

Drams/AWBS is a one stop solution, easier to install and includes a support desk and website template, but you are limited in web design by how you can customize that template.

Hope this helps.


P.S. Another Client of ours is using Ubersmith which is working on InterWorx integration. It appears to have similar functionality to MB only cheaper and for the UberPLUS version it comes with server monitoring. You may want to check that out too.

Ubersmith looks great. But my company is not based in the US and translation of the program and change of the VAT rules isn’t possible it’s not suitable for us.
[SIZE=2]I’m still looking for the program that other hosting companies find the best.[/SIZE]

We use ModernBill V4… and it “works”.

It works for use because we have done some extensive modifications to it, including full uk domain management (only ever done twice for MB) and we have vastly improved the Client-side of the interface.

It serves a purpose, however we will becoming to lean on it a lot more in the next 4-6 months.

I have installed the Release candidates of Version5 and it’s shaping up to be good, however there is still a LOT of work for MB to do… and most importantly Interworx integration.

When MB can auto-create Reseller accounts - I will be a very happy many!

I have tested ClientExec and it seems to be great and really customable. But it has only one domain api with enom and can only ADD/DELETE new interworx account which is not so good (it doesn’t allo to suspend/unsuspend)

We will test whoiscart in the next weeks, so I could tell which one is the best from our point of view. We don’t like MB due to the client tmplate which need to be modify a lot to feet our website template. But it seems to be fine also.

Also we are looking for a SSL resler plan , is some of you know cheap and good SSL reseler plan (and maybe with Domain reseler) ?



We use the bundled SSLFactory module in ModernBill which gives customers the option to purchase, pay for, submit CSR & be sent CRT for the whole Cert without us intervening - very nice!

The prices aren’t too bad - I’m sure there are better prices out there, but the auto-provisioning and lack of intervention required by us outweighs the slightly higher cost! :slight_smile:

Well it sounds great indeed.

About MB, my first impression was that it was a great product but with a bad custom tempalte abality. It was 1 year and half old, maybe it has changed ?

What’d you say about MB ?

If you have a little time free could you try to evaluate it using this matrix ?

1 = Bad ; 5 = Excellent

Group 1 - Customisation
a - cusotm of the whole product including the language file (1 - 5)
b - custom of the signup process + template (1 - 5)
c - custom of the email sent (1 - 5)
d - custom of the client panel template (1 - 5)

Group 2 - Functionalities Adds
a - ability to add new pluggin or add-ons in general (1 - 5)
b - ability to tweak the pgm (1 - 5)
c - abitlity to add a non included payment gateway (1 - 5)
d- ability to add a non included external module like domain registration (for exemple for us a .fr) or ssl (1 - 5)

Group 3 - Client panel
a - client panel functions (1 - 5)
b - billing fucntion/archive/print (1 - 5)
c - ability for a client to update/modify/delete/renew a package

Group 4 - Admin Panel
a - admin panel functions (1 - 5)
b - Interworx management (1 - 5)

Group 5 - Support / release
a - Quality of the support (1 - 5)
b - Release frequency (1 - 5)

Your overall impression ?

Thanks a ton


Perhaps there is a minudnerstanding here – the ability of each billing panel to integrate with InterWorx (ie create, delete, suspend, unsusped SiteWorx accounts) is exactly the same “under the hood” with all integrated panels and is limited to those functions available through our API which WILL be opening up soon for resellers and other functions.

Please don’t take a panel’s inability to do more than that as a negative for the panel.

That being said, I forgot to mentiuon that Iworx/Nexcess DOES use a “hacked” version of MB and that we provide MB’s plugin for InterWorx so it is likely that they will be the first to utilize the new features.

That being said, let the debates continue . . . I’m interested in this myself :slight_smile:

Sorry Tim but I deasegree.

For exemple Interworx provide the Suspend/unsuspend API but ClientExec DOESN’T provide (by default, the suspend/unsuspend). What I mean it some billing panel might have developped some pgms to suspend and unsuspend account automaticly, some others not. If they do so they’ll use the Iworx API. Fo exemple, CE could develop a way to automaticly suuspend an account if it doesn’t pay after, say, 10 days. IT IS NOT THE CASE, so CE doesn’t use yet the SUSPEND/UNSUSPEND API of iworx. I don’t remember if MB uses/allows the SUSPEND/UNSUSPEND.

More, I’m pretty sure iworx team will develop more API like for exemple the UPDATE account API. It is Not sure at all CE or MB or whoisCart will implement this new API. And if some does it might take a long time. In fact on more time it depends of their Core function. For this exemple, do they allow, and take in account the ability for a customer to upgrade is account from his panel admin (billing panel). Some panel will maybe allow a client to change ONLINE his account others will not. If they allow this, they’ll use the API update, if they don’t they will not of course.

So, it is not enough that iworx develop greats API, the 3 tiers app HAVE to take in account these API and for this they must have developped others core functions inside their programm.

Hope I have explain well, sometimes my english is just too bad, sorry for this


I stand corrected :wink:

Iworx/Nexcess DOES use a “hacked” version of MB and that we provide MB’s plugin for InterWorx so it is likely that they will be the first to utilize the new features.

Heu… What do you mean exactly ?

MB will bethe first to implement new API features ? or the plugin is much more than the API ?

lol finally I’ll think we’ll test MB one more time (it is interesting for us to compare what is made as we have developped an home made client/billing panel which also use the iworx API)


Whoops! I guess I wasn’t clear here.

MB uses “plugins” to integrate with other software (they have them for cPanel, Plesk, some support desks, etc). What I was saying was that I learned recently in another forum post from Chris that InterWorx provides the plugin to the ModenBill people and since MB seems to be able to do prety much anything you’d ever want a billing software to do it is my GUESS that MB will be the first to take advantage of the new API features when available. I could be wrong but that’s my GUESS :wink:


I have spoken with Mickael the founder of ModernBill and it seems that iworx guys have wroten themself the interworx’s MB v4 module.

Apparently the V5 of MB (which is in RC2.2 yet) doesn’t support Interworx yet because interworx didn’t yet give to MB the interworx module for V5 (MBAPI docs are available if need). if they don’t give to MB the V5 module, MB will maybe write it but in this case new API feature won’t be take in account as MB will take the existibg V4 as a base.

Indeed In V5, there will be the CORE modules (developped and maintening by MB) and the Open Registry modules which is all 3-rd party modules developped and supported by a 3-rd party. So in V5 the interworx module will be in the Open registry ? does it means that if you (iworx) doesn’t develop the module there will be no more iworx module in MB v5 ?

So my questions are :

  • Do you plan to provide a V5 module to MB quickly ?
  • If yes, do you think the iworx V5 module will be availbe for the launch of the V5 release (which is already at RC2, so it should be launch quicly now) of MB ?

Apparently V5 is really a great product and it’d be damage it be launched without a Interworx panel support :slight_smile: as here we love Interworx (and I begin to love MB much more)

I know you don’t give ETA but at least could you just tell us if we might plan to install MB v5 with interworx module as soon MB 5 will be officialy launch ?



We will have a plugin for iworx-cp in the initial release of MB5 if at all possible Pascal. We’re working with those guys as I type this on getting it all set.


Hi Chris

Cool :slight_smile:

It’s too great to have the best server panel in next major MB release :slight_smile: