Best way to switch a Pointer Domain as the Master Domain of a SiteWorx account

I have a SiteWorx account that the primary (master) domain is and also has attached to that site as a pointer domain.

The owner now wishes to make as the primary domain, (he already changed all wording on the his html pages on his web site to reflect the change to the new primary domain) and will let expire when it comes due.

Is there a simple way to switch these domains, making as the primary (master) and the pointer domain?

There isn’t, no :frowning:

You’ll need to remove the pointer domain, set the account up under that domain, move the files, email accounts, databases, mysql users, database data, emails, etc over to the new account, update any config files for paths and usernames, then remove the old account and add that domain as a pointer to the new account.

That is what I thought. But wanted to make sure, thanks Greg.