Best way to update SSL when it's already active

So let’s say you have a site with SSL up and running through SiteWorx. Right now there doesn’t seem to be a way to make a new “temp” private key and CSR without taking the other one down. I think it’s recommend to change the private key when renewing your SSL, or if some info changed like and address, it would need to be change.

Is there any good way to do this through SiteWorx or would you just need to create your key and csr manually on the shell and then copy paste it in?

Hi justec

I believe your correct in all respects.

I believe the keys cannot be renewed as imposed on SSL providers, which makes sense to me, and indeed I believe the SSL Certs purchased have dramatically been reduced in time length, but this is for all.

I hope that helps

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So maybe this should be a feature request for the Iworx team? To allow a new private key to be generated and a new CSR to send out to your SSL provider, without taking down what you have currently running?

The turn around when I get SSL is usually pretty quick, but sometimes there is a little extra verification and takes a day or two.

I guess for now I’ll just create the new key / csr in the command line and just copy paste into SiteWorx.

Hi justec

Yes, would be lovely if it could be completed, but I suspect it might be more complicated to achieve.

I think it will always be ongoing as changes take place, but I believe at the moment, depending upon your SSL provider, whilst the verification takes place, certainly on EV, they provide basic SSL to use, and also, I think it is quicker for a renewal then a new SSL, but I could be wrong.

For those who don’t know how, you could always copy all keys etched and create new, copy them in full and replace your original back until verified.

This though, is only my thoughts and I’m sorry if I’m wrong.

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Yes, if you have shell access the files are just under the var folder. So you could make a backup and just be down for a few mins while creating the new keys and then put the old ones back.

I think this could be done, not that the UI wouldn’t be a challenge to create, but technically the team should be able to do it as the control panel is just managing the files. So through SiteWorx, the program would just create keys with different names or in a sub folder, something like:

siteworx-pending.key instead of siteworx.key for example.

Then once approved you paste in your new public key and hit save and it replaces the old one.