Better Load Balancing

I haven’t even had a need to setup a cluster yet but I soon will so I’m going to probably wind up going beyond what Interworx can do on its own. Before I started using this panel, I posted a thread about this sort of thing: which happens to be the only thread in this forum that mentions Galera clusters.

I’m starting this thread as a placeholder for using Interworx for what will essentially be a cloud. If anyone has any suggestions or prior experience for such things, this would be a good place for it. Right now I’m just brainstorming a bit. The first 2 things to come to mind…

  • MariaDB Galera Clusters
  • GlusterFS

Here’s the clustering docs for initial reference:

Hi Synthetisoft

I hope your well and a good thread you have started.
You can use any mysql database server/cluster and in IW, you just add it in, then set the mysql the resellers or siteworx accounts can use. The only exception, is IW needs to have root access to the mysql I believe.
MariaDB cluster looks from a quick read, to be good, see link here but it was only a quick read and I have not tried it, which is based on Centos 7.
It is also important to mention here, for users who may not understand the different mysql engines, innodb and myisam, so heres a link for a quick reference of the differences
I hope I understood your thread fully, sorry if not, but I am thinking you are wanting to use ClusterFS on a different server for /chroot/home, the cluster the /chroot/home, which in IW, you can do, just need NFS server running and setup between IW and your /chroot/home server
If you are looking to cluster in full, IW (ie use 2 IW servers for high availability), I do not think it would work. The HA IW-CP we tested, used 5 Servers, and worked lovely, but not sure if this is going to become for sale/lease anytime soon, and it would be worth waiting for.
I hope that helps a little, and look forward to other users views
Many thanks