Blackhole for E-mail Address?

Is it possible to create a ‘blackhole’ for a specific e-mail address? I get a lot of spam to a specific address that I don’t use and I want everything sent to that ‘’ sent to a blackhole or deleted immediatly. I use a catch-all for everything else but it’s just one specific name that is causing the trouble, can I create an alias and re-direct that one specific name somewhere?

There isn’t a way to do this via the web interface. If you’re the server administrator, you could accomplish this like this:

To blackhole the email address, as the root user issue these commands

cd /home/<user>/var/<domain>/mail
echo '#' > .qmail-asdf
chown vpopmail .qmail-asdf

If you’re not the server administrator, you’ll need to contact your server administrator and ask them to do this for you.