Blank Emails??

Is anyone else having a problem w/ their Interworx setup where siteworx accounts are receiving blank emails? For example, on my current box I have one reseller account and they have 54 siteworx accounts within that one reseller account. A few times a day, the reseller, and pretty much all siteworx accounts, will get random email from <domainname> where serverhostname is the FQDN of the interworx box. The messages will have no subject and no sender show up - they’re truly blank, but when looking at the header information, the sender will be some random gmail address - so it’s spam, but it’s not running through the ‘outside’ SMTP server, since even though we have set rules to tag this as spam (and hopefully drop it), it doesn’t get dropped due to it (seemingly) coming from the server itself.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I am with a shared hosting with interworx as control panel. I was getting mails like that and I wondered why should a spammer send blank emails :slight_smile: . The mails were sent to <>ATT<hostname>.hostcompany.tld

Probably they BCC:'ed my (and other) address(es) so they don’t show up in TO: header.

I was thinking to report to my host, but I didn’t do it. But now I don’t get them, but who knows may be I will get them again some day :).

Sorry, those blank mails were sent from <domain.tld>ATT<servername>.<hostcompany.tld>

What a coincidence, I got one such mail today. :slight_smile:

I got accounts here with the same problem, anyone got a solution to fix this?

I get them occassionally as well. I’d like to know why.

I get the same blank mails. I’m getting a little bit annoyed about the questions from my customers.


customers also claim that they lost emails, since the blank email that they received was supposed to be full. But I haven’t verified that yet.

That’s the same thing my customers are complaining about, but I don’t know how I can find out if the email was full or it’s a system error.


I know that Paul has been looking into this with Matt so things are happening to fix it but honestly in our live and test machines we have yet to reproduce this. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist as it obviously does but finding the exact circumstances which cause it are proving to be “fun”.

We’ll keep everyone posted.


I was receiving these mails when I was with “tednios”, but I think I didn’t report. (I think you understand which one I mean)

Paul updated our versions of both qmail and simscan on our servers, it looks like the problem is solved now (no moaning customers anymore :wink:

My spamassasin has been disabled for a while ('cos it’s broken), but I tried (unsuccessfully) to fix it today. I enabled SMTP-level scanning, but spamassassin itself won’t start… Before I disabled SMTP-level scanning again, I got a few of these blank emails. I haven’t had any for weeks (since before spamassassin broke actually), and noone else has had any either (that I’ve heard).