Blank page


I install Centos 5 64 bits and i get a blanck page in nodeworx and siteworx. I think this bug is the result of the RAID 1 software.

/bin/bash: line 1: 10542 Segmentation fault ./iworx.pex --fifteenly

I’m seeing this error among many others:

/bin/bash: line 1: 18340 Segmentation fault ./iworx.pex --hourly

Is this a sign of a disk related problem?

It’s really hard to say. That error just isn’t descriptive enough to point to any single definitive problem. I would try logging in as root and trying to run that command and see if you get the Segmentation fault or not.

run it with

/home/interworx/cron/iworx.pex --hourly

If it does segfault, you could try stracing the command

strace /home/interworx/cron/iworx.pex --hourly

And see at what point the segmentation fault occurs.

However, the iworx hourly cron usually doesn’t do anything at all - it’s primarily a placeholder should hourly tasks be added in the future. So, the other error’s your getting may be more useful in determining the problem than that one.


This was a VPS problem that appears to be fixed. The QoS alerts time table was trying to tell me that resource limits were being reached namely “numiptent” (IP packet filtering). When it was increased the problem went away.