Block IP at SMTP greeting

Does anyone know how to block an IP at SMTP greeting? I have a rogue emailer that I’d like to block, but can’t seem to find where I put their IP address to stop connections from them.

If you have any question, I’d like to stop this HELO from even happening

Nov 8 06:34:58 centos6 vpopmail[12472]: vchkpw-submission: (PLAIN) login success user@[mydomain]:{the IP I’d like to block}

This is repeated in my log every 5 seconds… I need to stop this from happening.

Hi Mikie
You need to place the IP address to block in the Blocked IP’s of the firewall.
This will then not allow any connections to your server from that IP address in FULL.
If you are just looking for stopping email only, but still allowing say access to host sites, then you need to add either domain or IP into badusers I think it is from qmail, but if you search forum, you’ll see this has been asked and answered on how to do this, but if I have time later, I’ll post the forum link
You may also want to look at spamdyke, which has many functions to help, for instance, limiting the number of recipients that could be sent too, or using greylists, or fully stopping a connection, and also look at BFD.
If you search forums, you will find posts about how to set these up.
I hope that helps
Many thanks

Thanks for the reply. I did put the IP in the firewall and will look at spamdyke.