blocked using

“There was an error while trying to reset your password
SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using

I get this error when trying to recover my lost password.

Any one any idea how to contact support for this issue ?

Hi sverhoev

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I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve read your post a few times, and I’m not sure of your question, well of your setup rather then question.

If your domain mx is on your server, then you will most likely have barracuda infront of it, and your ip is listed on some rbls which it checks etc…

If you could confirm your exact setup it would help, and if above, just whitelist your sending ip, but you may also want to clean your ip

Many thanks


Thanx John for trying to help me out.
My client’s website is hosted on the servers of interworx. Some time ago he asked me to do the management of his website. He handed over his username and password. If I try to log in, it does not work anymore. So i’m trying to get a new password to log in. The above error is what I receive when doing so.

We have no knowledge of anything with barracuda so far in our setup.

When I traceroute the ip-address I get the hostname "

If I read and interprete the error message it seems that there is something wrong with the barracuda together with the smtp of interworx. No ?

Hi sverhoev

Many thanks, and I would contact the host provider to ask them, or the company your client pays for hosting.

It will be the host provider who uses a barracuda server and it is very unlikely that it is the smtp which interworx use, which is qmail. Usual checks are either reputation on domain, sender etc or rbls on domain or sending ip, but ofcourse there could be content checks, virus checks etc.

I hope it helps a little

Many thanks