Blocking a domain name Spam Assassin


I’ve an issue with an spammer and I’m trying to block the domain name on the global blacklist (one per line) on the Spam Assassin configuraion trough iworx.

But copying this line: gives me a warning message that’s not a proper value… how can I block an entire domain here?


Hi Jesus,

To block all emails from a domain, stick ‘*’ in front of the ‘@’. So, you’re address should read:


I’ll put something in our dev system to make the quickhelp text there more helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you, the * did the trick!!


Thanks for the tip, it’s very useful!

I have a question about it. If I wanted to do the same (to block an email address), what is the difference between to set in this way (SpamAssassin global blacklist) or add the email address in the MTA Settings -> MTA Level Inbound E-mail Address Blacklist?

Thanks, Gabor.

Hi Gabor

The difference I believe is at MTA level the email is not received but rejected, whilst at spamassasin, the email is received then filtered to spam account or deleted, or subject to any conditions you may have set.

I hope this helps

Many thanks


Thanks d2d4j for the tip, it’s very useful!