BobCares added to growing list of InterWorx Partners!

In the high-availability, high-demand world of web hosting, companies are always looking for ways to expand and improve their service offered to their clients. BobCares is a technical support services company specializing in the web hosting industry. Their large, knowledgeable staff is able to answer questions around the clock through helpdesk, chat, and phone in multiple languages. InterWorx has trained the Bobcares support staff in operation and management of the InterWorx control panel and has authorized BobCares to provide support services for web hosting companies looking to expand their support services. We look forward to a valuable relationship between our companies to help the overall quality of InterWorx experience for our web hosts’ end users, and to give our web hosts a high-quality technical support option without the needed investment in additional personnel and training.

You can learn more about BobCares by visiting

Nice, but InterWorx isn’t listed as one of the supported panels at their website (

Their blog too has an entry regarding the iworx partnership (about 10 or 15 days back), but iworx isn’t listed anywhere else (as far as I could find).

This should be corrected now :slight_smile: