BootStrap - Easy and is the future of the world!


Well, i’m cPanel user for more than 8 years. I never see someone talking about Interworx, but today i see that.

Really good software. Maybe this will be the next most used website control panel in the world.

I just think about “Themes”.

Software so good but the themes of it do not match with the great the software. The current themes that resemble something like a gameserver. A Website control panel needs a reliably themes that pass trust to the users.

A bootstrap theme will work like a monster for it.

Bootstrap is very easy to use and whenever everything is made using the bootstrap ends up having a professional and reliable.

Besides the professional aspect, users can easily customize their themes because the bootstrap is easy to learn. A few minutes of study.

This is why we have a lot of new software with themes based on bootstrap.

When you add to the descriptions of the software “Bootstrap based theme”, will make the software appear much across the internet, search engines and attract a lot of people.

Will make the InterWorx fly like a jet.

This is a solid argument. There was already some stirring about this with our user:

I’m going to note this in the tracking system.

I guess Bootworx didn’t make it either? I just notice the thread InterKit, and it’s gone as is the GitHub page for BootWorx. It’s too bad that code didn’t survive for something (maybe even on the InterWorx team) to pick up. There are almost no responsive InterWorx themes, and what is available is not based on any common framework.