Bounce Default to ON

I am using a 3rd party anti-spam service and one of the requirements is to have catch-all or in this case for SiteWorx, “Bounce” ON, currently the default is Bounce OFF.

It would be really nice to have that default to ON, even if I am not using a third party service since it will really help to block email to none email address’s on the server and help with SPAM.

Currently I am MANUALLY setting all sites to ON and letting a customer know if they wish to have it off and why they can do so themselves, so far NO customers have selected it off.

We’ll take it into consideration, but in the meantime, you can do the following to automate the process:

~iworx/bin/listaccounts.pex | awk '{print "touch /home/"$1"/var/"$2"/mail/bounceon && chown vpopmail."$1"  /home/"$1"/var/"$2"/mail/bounceon"}'

Inspect the output to make sure everything looks correct, then add a “|sh” to the end to actually execute the commands:

~iworx/bin/listaccounts.pex | awk '{print "touch /home/"$1"/var/"$2"/mail/bounceon && chown vpopmail."$1"  /home/"$1"/var/"$2"/mail/bounceon"}' | sh

I should say, the above will automate the process of turning bounce to On if you need to change a bunch of already existing accounts. Obviously, it won’t do much for an account you create after running the above command.

NO!!! Bounces should default to OFF to prevent backscatter! Bounces are a terrible, terrible thing and only serve to increase the volume of CRAP email that’s floating around the internet!