Bounced Email Notifications

My primary email address that I use is also my email address as the Server Admin login for my customers Interworx cluster. So I get all of my Interworx alert emails to this address.

This is fine for me and I like that I get notifications, except for one. I would prefer to have notifications for the MAILER-DAEMON go elsewhere. My clients run a busy board and when people post it requires an email authentication. Well as their board becomes more busy their are more spammers who use fake email addresses, therefore the delivery failure notifications flood my inbox.

Is there any way at all to either route these to /dev/null or to route them to a different email address at least? I know I could change the email address on my account but I do like getting the other notifications so I prefer not to do that.

Also I am not used to using qmail as a mail server. On my clients previous platform they had set one software notification to go to:,, and it worked. However these now always error out with the error message stating that:,, is not a valid domain.

So it appears that qmail is not reading the commas and seeing those as different email addresses but instead one long one. Any ideas on how we should instead send these? Would a ; work instead of a ,

As always thanks in advance for your help.