Bug On Reseller Account !

Reseller cant make changes on sites.

When reseller make changes he recive error:

Reseller SiteWorx account limit has been reached.

and change not completed !!

I test this, and happen an all accounts reseller where number of sites its reached:

example if reseLler have 12 sites limit, and already have 12 sites created !

I need know how fix this asap !

This only happen on reseller account where reseller reach the limit of sites!!!,
reselelr can make new changes to existent sites, i already test in all accounts wehere have limit of sites reached, and have this bug.
On accounts no site limit reached, all its fine.

Please need patch for this asap !!

Thank you !

Already open ticket !! please chek

We’re handing this via your ticket now dj-grobe.


yes chris, i see that.

I resend all info you need.

Thanks for your great support.

Please if this is a real bug, repply how fix here, can be usefull for other customers, if not, repply to for confirm no is bug to other customers : )

Hello All-

The bug is when a reseller account “contains” the maximum number of SiteWorx accounts and you attempt to edit the properties of one of the SiteWorx accounts, you will see the message " Reseller SiteWorx account limit has been reached."
This is indeed a bug that will be fixed either in the next major release or the next point release. If you encounter this bug and need it fixed before the next release, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to patch your server.


After the fix cant access to nodeworx.
error when try open nodeworx on web:

The encoded file /usr/local/interworx/include/nodeworx/NodeWorx.php has expired or is corrupt.

Please take a look on ticket.

Need fix asap !

Thankyou !

Just so folks don’t get the impression that we’re in the business of patching machines into a broken state, this latest problem was my fault- when encoding the file, I encoded it with an expiration time of 8 hours later- therefore it worked for 8 hours :rolleyes:. The problem has been fixed and a properly encoded file placed on the server.

As stated previously, if anyone else encounters this bug prior to the next release, please submit a support ticket and we’ll get you taken care of.


All its ok, your support is wonderfull : )