Bug with safari nodeworx 2.0.5

In nodeworx under “Siteworx” > “Scriptworx” when checking all the boxes and choosing “Enable” from the drop down box does not set to enabled.

This works fine Camino, Firefox, IE but not in the latest Safari.


Apparently, Safari doesn’t like forms to be named “scripts”. We’ve included the fix in the upcoming release, but if you’d like to fix it yourself before then, here’s how:

Edit /home/interworx/nodeworx/smarty/themes/<yourtheme>/scriptworx.tpl, where <yourtheme> is the name of the theme you are using.

Look for:

  <form action="{$iw_self}" method="post" name="scripts">

Change it to:

  <form action="{$iw_self}" method="post" name="scripts_list">

In our stock themes, this is around line 69.

Next, look for:


Change it to:


In our stock themes, this is around line 147. Save the file and exit.

Hope that helps,