Bus error


Since few days I have some bus error in the httpd errors log file.

[Wed Sep 07 17:41:14 2005] [notice] child pid 28378 exit signal Bus error (7)
[Wed Sep 07 17:41:21 2005] [notice] child pid 28650 exit signal Bus error (7)
[Wed Sep 07 17:42:04 2005] [notice] child pid 30792 exit signal Bus error (7)
[Wed Sep 07 17:42:04 2005] [notice] child pid 30754 exit signal Bus error (7)

I was wondering if there had an apache upgrade or something like this. I didn’t change anything even a litlle thing ( :-p for chris )

I had some explanations about this error

Hello. A bus error (and its cousin, the segmentation fault) is a fairly low level problem - it means that something is trying to address a non-existent location on the PCI bus. This sort of problem can occur because of inconsistent compilations in shared objects. For example, while using the apache web server, if you compile mod_foo against apache 1.3.27 and then upgrade apache to 1.3.28, your old mod_foo might not work any more. The solution is to recompile any loadable code (i.e. mod.foo.so) against the new apache. I would determine if the application which is failing has been compiled by hand. If this is the case, attempt to update the distribution, or use the binary distributions publicly available. Take care.

Any idea about this ?
Is there a recent interworx upgrade ?

Thanks for all the help


No updates on our end Pascal. You said you were having issues with other services as well, are there any kernel level errors/warnings in the syslog?