Cacti ?


Maybe I become crazy but if I remember well Interworx did use rrdtool + cacti ?

Looks like interworx doesn’t use cacti anymore, is it right ?

So I guess you use rrdtool only and you have created special script to show the graphs ?

In fact I ask this, because for our xen installation we’d like to monitor all trafic used by our guests and to do this we’ll use a TC -s qdisc output to generate graph in rrdtool !

So if interworx had cacti it had been simple :wink:
I just thought there was, but it’d be in an old version


You’re right, cacti was used in an old version, somewhere in the 1.x series I believe, but it has since been replaced with custom rrd processing scripts. The interface for the graphs didn’t change much though, so I’m not surprised you didn’t notice.