Calliope Theme


Lovely work on this theme, with the big setting for icons the whole overall style looks very modern and …superb!

edit: wanted to ask - is there any way to change ALL siteworx accounts to use the ‘big icons’?

There is, but it requires meddling with the iworx database’s siteworx user’s table and an SQL command. If you feel confident enough to figure this one out, you have the change the menu_style enum from “small” to “big”. Be extremely careful and if you are at all doubtful about what you are doing, open up a support ticket with your nodeworx master account information and we will do it for you.

Also, thanks for the compliment! I had fun working on this one.

Calliope Theme

Hi everyone

I like very much the actual use theme of Jaws Project home page, but, i did not see there on the core and themes directory.

Where i can get the theme?

Thanks in advanced

Hi itemplubos

Welcome to IW forums

I’m sorry, I have never heard of or seen jaws theme

Could you be more precise or post a picture

Many thanks


Its a awesome theme