Can the InterWorx tutorials be republished?

I have linked to the InterWorx tutorials from my hosting site, but there are two problems with that.

  1. If I rebrand the control panel, it becomes more obvious the control panel was created by a third party when the tutorials are on a separate website. We offer all-in-one solutions, and this actually worries some of our larger clients. I guess they think we need to write every line of code in order to provide outstanding service…lol…

  2. All the NodeWorx tutorials are present, too, which the end user just doesn’t need to see. I know some of my clients will end up reading the wrong tutorials if I show them too many.

If you say “no, the tutorials cannot be republished,” could you at least provide the tutorials in 3 diffierent pages (NodeWorx, SiteWorx, and SiteWorx Flash)? I would be okay with that (and I wouldn’t have to stay synchronized with you).

jimp, republish all you like. Anything we put in the docs section regarding iworx-cp is freely republishable.


That was a 3min response time. Very nice job! :slight_smile:

Since I don’t care if people know we use the Iworx control panel, I’d just use a link and use up’s BW for all those flash demos! :smiley:

That’s cool as well :slight_smile: as long as the info gets out!